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KIDA’s 600 Days‘Ode To Joy’ Anniversary

2016-12-16 16:33:41

KIDA’s 600 days ‘Ode to Joy’ celebration was a complete success.

As Beijing’s first one-stop international education institution. KIDA always focus on English and Chinese bilingual education to 3-18 years old children and teenagers. Introducing the best international education systems and brands to our students and aim to develop their 4C (Culture and history, Creative, Communication and Collaboration) abilities. We also wish to build an international communication platform for local and foreign families in Beijing to achieve our grand wish of mutual growth in our international community.









On the 3rd of December it is the 600 days birthday of KIDA. Our celebration is joined by close to 300 members and their family members. We are honored to be accompanied by important guests from CETV, Time Out Magazine, The IDG group, Ipony academy, The Pearson, the Capital Health-care and Nutrition Cuisine Society and The LION Society. Our celebration event is also proudly sponsored by Dream Trip, Doterra Cosmetics, Sam’s club supermarket, Jane De Van Yoga, Classico Bellezza, Turkish rose water and the ACG group.



We invited Issac Pena from the popular TV show “A Brighter World’. His humorous hosting style has left us with plenty of laughter and joy. Our amazing celebration event is consists of live performance from the Canadian band Mozart Effect, ballet and piano performance from our members, robot shows and unbelieable magic shows. Each of the shows is planned and executed in perfection, never settle for less and always chasing perfection is just way we run our company. The celebration event also showcase our dedication and passion in what we do and we will continue to excell in bilingual education.





Our 600 days birthday party is not only a celebration of the past but its also an encouragement for to us for the future. We will continue to improve and maintain our leading position in education community.

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